3 definitions by Yojefro

A fagoholic is someone who is addicted to gay men. This person is usually a gay man, or a woman faghag.
Kelly is always hanging out with gay guys, shes a real fagoholic.
by Yojefro December 05, 2013
A fagslam is when you get fed up with a gay guy being annoying, and you uppercut him in the cock n' balls. This will stop his faggy antics from ruining a party, talking to girls that you're trying to hit on, or just plain on being a fairy.
That gay guy Chaz won't stop cock blocking me at the bar. He keeps talking to all the chicks about clothes shopping and his make-up routine. I'm going to wait till he goes to the bathroom and fagslam him at the stall.
by Yojefro May 02, 2012
A grease cock is when you never wash your dick and balls, so that your junk builds up a heavy layer of grease. With your penis being so greasy, you won't need to worry about using lube, or having a girls vagina dry up on you because your dong is always slick.
My boyfriend goes full on grease cock! We never have to use lube during anal!
by Yojefro May 02, 2012

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