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2 definitions by Yohan McD

The relief of urinating after holding it in for ages.

A retake of the TV ad in the UK advertising Bisto Gravy.
Ahh, Bisto is the catchphrase when they smell the fresh new gravy.
Ahh, Pissto is the word you say when you finally take that piss and words need to express your relief
Mid peeing, shout the words Ahh, Pissto
by Yohan McD December 16, 2010
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When you go for a shit and it turns out to be explosive - sprays all over the pan...
A twist on the lyrics of the Dr DRE song Xxplosive from his 2001 album.

lyrics: Explosive, West Coast Shit
That was messy, I've just been for a West Coast shit...
by Yohan McD December 16, 2010
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