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literally means "to have sex in the kitchen" in dutch. But Dutch people always tell tourists that it means "hello" in dutch. It is a very commonly used expression, Dutch people being great fans of kitchen sex. Probably the second national sport after cycling.
Tourist entering a restaurant in the Netherlands:
"neuken in de keuken, could we have a table for two please"
by Yogalates April 08, 2005
person who has the best arse in his/her class.
ah she did not deserve to be elected aurelie of the year
by Yogalates April 06, 2005
Cheesy, sweaty, sleazy London based club with beautiful carpet and astonishing disco balls.
ha, James must have had beer-goggles in Infernos yesterday. He pulled the ultimate minger.
by Yogalates April 06, 2005
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