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tissue, napkin, papertowel or general cloth you jizz onto or wipe your jizz on during the course of masterbation
bro2 - wtf is that
bro1 - a tissue i jizzed on!
bro2 - ...* pauses, drops and leaves *
#jizz #jizzue #tissue #napkin #paper #cloth
by Yofray February 02, 2009
A sarcastic way of saying "ok cool" used usually when a person is mad or disapointed

" you had sex with my ex girlfriend? aright sick.. "

" You cant lend me five dollars to buy booze? aright sick.."
#aright #sick #ight sick #sik #sarcastic
by Yofray January 21, 2009
The Act of going on someones Myspace, Facebook or any profile like website and viewing theyre conversations between people, otherwise known as eavesdropping on them but on the computer
guy1 - yo you snuck out to meet jenna last night?
guy2 - how the fuck did you know that
guy1 - i looked on your facebook
guy2 - mind your fucking buisness and dont pagerape me!!
#pagerape #page #rape #eavesdropping #edropping
by Yofray February 04, 2009
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