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The homo singer in Guns and Roses
That Axyl Rose is a total homo!

by Yoda October 05, 2003
ok this is the best definition youll find for star wars, it is a story veiwed through the eyes of a droid called R2-D2 the whole story is basically surrounded by him through his eyes. it was possibly the best movie series ever made by George Lucas and has over a Kagillion friggen books that ive read! HAHAH IVE READ THEM ALL!!! star wars universe started back when the old tribals found out space travel and had goverend over liek the empire 1ce did. then the jedi order was made and they helped abolish this old advarsary, then Exar Kun the first Sith Lord ever started up the sith order and tons of people flocked to become a sith but alas, the sith became too powerful, each lord plotted against the next and they killed them selves off. then one of the smarter sith lords devised a plan only two at a time which is what initially started Star Wars episode 1, you all know it from there unless of course you've never read the New Jedi Order.
ok i know everything about star wars I RIVAL GEORGE LUCAS!! HAHAHAHAHA
by Yoda March 30, 2004
a long reknowned clan in starcraft for skill and decenscey, survived 2 and a half long years of wonderful times and finally died...
a moment of silence for the wonderful l)ark_ Empire clan :(.................
by Yoda March 30, 2004
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