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When something is so totally unreal or absolutely preposterous, that the word ridiculous does not come to close to explaining it.
Any of the above definitions that claim to have started the word ridonculous in the past 10 years, are in fact ridonculous. The word ridonculous has been around for at least 20 years as I have known it all my life.
by Yoda December 15, 2004
a circular object protruding off a female's chest. Especially used for feeding babies and in foreplay.
i luv ur boobs
by Yoda April 28, 2003
1. Noun: When an individual fails to respond to e-mail messages in a timely manner, thus "e-glecting" his/her friends.

2. Noun: To blatantly ignore others, specifically friends, family or significant others, who have emailed you and are expecting a response.

3. Noun: To pay little or no attention to emails; fail to heed emailed requests; disregard important electronic messages.

Tr. Verb: e-glected, e-glecting, e-glects
"Jim totally e-glected his family over the Christmas holidays."

"I feel totally e-glected by my friends back in Canada"

"Paul e-glects his girlfriend."
by YODA November 22, 2004
Yoda started the order in about 20000 years after the order was started, he had one of the most highest medi chlorian count of most jedi -save a few of them back in the day and Anakin- but all in all he was powerful, when he was in his younger years(100-300) he had commanded a few fleets to attack in the Vorzyyd cluster and during that battle he had summoned a force storm large enough to cover an enemy planet in complete darkness and force lightning. now thats a jedi master, he had trained 100's of students including Dooku and a little of obi-wan kenobi and a little of luke skywalker.
I KNOW EVERYTHING!!!! hahahahah about star wars anyway.. my bad
by Yoda March 30, 2004
Legacy Of Darkness

a clan in starcraft that has lived for less than a year an is still going strong. a takeoff from l)ark_Empire clan but has sense outlived it so far.
Long live LOD)
by Yoda March 30, 2004
Yngweenie sucks!
Yngweenie's so fat, he sweats gravy!
I'm a better guitarist than Yngweenie!
by Yoda October 11, 2003
Has no actual definition...it can be used to describe anything as bad good pretty ugly etc
That movie was farquatious
by Yoda December 20, 2002
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