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A promiscuous kisser. Someone who kisses countless numbers of people and never knows anything about them. Kiss and run.
Eddy: Come on...Just kiss me.

Ashley: Eddy! No! You are such a Make-Out Bandit! You kiss EVERYONE! Ugh!
by YoRegiiis! July 21, 2008
A Hispter is a grown up scene kid. Too old to be a scenester, yet too young to say no to the common trend. Trendy. Grown up sceneyboppers.
Lindsay: Look at that hipster! OMG.

Ashley: Wait. Isnt't that a scenester?

Lindsay: No. He was most likely scene at a younger age, but now he's older and on to being hip!

Ashley: Oh. Still pretty much looks the same to me.
by YoRegiiis! July 21, 2008
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