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A girl that is beautiful and spontaneous. Loves to make inside jokes with friends. Loves everyone equally. Amazing and awesome! :) the baddest bitch of them all.
Andrew- that girl right there is so beautiful!

Katherine- I know right he is one of my best friends!!! She is so amazing! Her name is Celina!
by Yo mommaaaaa November 18, 2012
"bitch" is what it sounds like when fobs try to pronunce the word "beach"
co-worker: Where do you live?
mom: We live near the beach!
mom: its fun living near the beach we hang out there all the time.
mom:do you want to live near the beach?
mom: What do you mean?
co-worker:Has to be a slutty bitch.
co-worker:oh sheit..
by yo mommaaaaa July 19, 2006
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