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5 definitions by Yo mom

Texas rapper who freestyles consists of him asking "Who, Mike Jones", his album "Who is Mike Jones" comin soon (which I still haven't seen in stores since he said it in the summer of '03)
and his phone number (like you are going to call him anyways).
" My album who is mike jones comin soon, my album who is mike jone comin soon" Be more specific with a date
by Yo mom August 18, 2004
124 71
I'ts MAlibu's Most Wanted Ya'll!
Yo, Whatup, Im B-Rad G, Im a friggin wapper, Yeah,DAwg!
by Yo mom December 11, 2003
23 11
What are you doing, Mr. Portillio
Yo, whas da dealio mista potillio!?
by Yo mom December 11, 2003
11 10
My car has a system wit a whole rack of boom boom
by Yo mom June 27, 2003
1 19
When u give sumone head, n then cum in yo mouth n then ya'll make out.
"Man she gave me a snowblow last nite"
by yo mom January 15, 2003
50 100