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5 definitions by Yo mama!

Well written books. All of you who think it sucks are obviously illiterate.
kid 1:omGAH! i so coo i dun read no hurry pota!

kid 2:no, your just a dumbass.
by Yo mama! January 16, 2005
A crowded ass high school,teeming with assholes and rednecks. This high school sucks.
"why you push me! you know me I'M BLACK!"
by Yo mama! January 11, 2005
Trash Can Ruler, Spam Master
MonJoe is r0xxo0rz j00 n00b!!!
by Yo Mama! May 14, 2003
1. a small pile of pancakes

2. a short person, particulary female
DAMN SHORTSTACK! it's ok! we can't all be normal height!
by yo mama! December 15, 2003
A term or nickname describing someone who is asian. The word "chop" came from them referring to asians as people who use chop-sticks.
Ay homie, look at that fine chop honey!
by yO maMa! December 16, 2004