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Chavs, o! You light up my day!!! You think you're soo hard core (innit)with your "burberry" gear, flourescent pink tracksuits with scraped back hair into a "fashionable" (safe man!) messy bun. Your bling (bling bling) hoop earrings in bling gold, just make me smile, and your accents just are widely known. O, and the guys (you aint ma blud, innit bruv) with your shot spikey hair, and (fucking safe) swagger. Chavs you have come to take over this world, and you're doing a very good job of it :S . That's kinda scary.
Indeed, it is very scary, that the phenominal species, of the given title "chavs", are in fact, taking over this universe.
by Yo freako October 10, 2005

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