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pac is a gangster rapper...hes the the shit unlike all these ludacris, lil john 50 cent pussy ass posers who probably never had trouble there way. when brothas are teferin to how much pac you got..they mean how close you are to a life that was as hard as the rapper,or if your gangster/ghetto material...someone with no pac is like a white boy (or black)who grew up in a house in a nice neighborhood.
you got no pac oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
by Yo Yo dog November 06, 2007
Its a term that used to be meant for hate but has pretty much lost its meanin and become a word used to aress people,first black adressing black,but recently its lost its sting so that even white people(if known by the black) could get away with sayin it when adressin that black person
Black: hey where you benn at?!
White friend: things've been all fucked up nigga
by Yo Yo dog November 04, 2007
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