39 definitions by Yo Mamma

sexy and BEAUTIFUL!
hey imke
by yo mamma October 26, 2003
more than moster
also more than most
I smoked the mostest weed of all the brothers at the par-tay
by yo mamma May 11, 2003
The act of splapping a girl in the face with your penis right when she is about to suck it.
She got on her knees, unzipped my fly, opened her mouth, then I grabbed it and gave her a rasco
by yo mamma September 06, 2003
something that occurs a lot to people at my school...the way to pass it is to drink obscene amounts of water to the point of explosion.
ugh.....16 more bottles of water then im clean!
by yo mamma May 21, 2003
a box shaped thing witch light comes out of and boys and girls cant stop watching
look at him watch tv,this is gonna be some kind of a reacerd
by yo mamma November 14, 2003
what men love most
gonna go down to the peeler bar an have some titties an beer
by yo mamma May 11, 2003
Plug placed in ones ass after severe ass ramming to keep fecal matter from exiting unbenknowst to the fag that got rammed in the ass too hard.
Chris got rammed in the ass so hard that he had to get a box of double X ass plugs to keep his hershey squirts from squirting all over his crab collection.
by Yo mamma February 26, 2004

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