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Awesome AC/DC song for late night after party wind downs
Hey man pass that shit over here if you want the Doritos
by Yo Mama Osama June 14, 2004
The only place where you are liked
You- I'm smart enough, I'm good enough, and Gosh Darnit- People like me!

Every other human (and most primates)- Yeah, in your world!
by Yo Mama Osama March 15, 2004
What redecks call people who go both ways
lookee at my old lady kissing her sister there, I do beeleave she is bi-sacksual!
by Yo Mama Osama March 15, 2004
mini-van pussy
Damn, I love a hot milf ! Nothing like some good MVP!
by Yo Mama Osama March 26, 2004

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