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One who worships Norm Abrams, or, like Norm, believes that a power tool exists for every task. Opposite of Neander.
I suggested that he cut the dovetails by hand, but he insisted on getting a router and a jig. Sheesh. What a Normite.
by Yitah January 27, 2004
From Neanderthal.

Noun: Someone who holds power tools in disdain

Verb: To use brute force on, with hand tools.
If you don't have a jointer, just neander it with a scrub plane before you run it through the planer.


He's not big on Norm Abrams, he's a neander.
by Yitah January 27, 2004
To draft off of, when cycling. often said to friends
Dude,if you're hurting, grab a wheel before we hit this hill
by Yitah January 27, 2004

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