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Stout is a term describing a female's body. It is not used negatively, but is a trait that is actually sought after. It can be used like the words fine, sexy, or most accuratly thick. It is most commonly used to define a female who has a big booty and big breasts. It can also be used to describe the size of a woman's butt or breasts, as in "she's stout in the front but not in the back." The word stout is also used by some people to describe the general sex-appeal of a female, but that usage is inaccurate. Stout usually refers to only those certain body parts (breasts and or butt).

Only to be used when referring to females.
I'm going to find me a stout joint tonight.

She's stout as hell!

She's stout in the front but she ain't got nothing in the back.
by Yinginanen Sanen April 05, 2005

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