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Toronto has a North-South-East-West street grid. Traditionally, the hip and happening downtown stretches from the lake all the way up Bloor, and North of Bloor (NoBlo) begins the sterile suburban zombie wasteland.

This is not necessarily an accurate view, as the pre-amalgamation City of Toronto had respectable density as well as similar urban culture for another 8km north to York Mills. The modern city of Toronto spans 18km from the lake to Steeles Ave.

The downtown stretch from the lake to Bloor St is 3km.
Amy: I haven't been in the NoBlo in five years.

Thaddea: Why can't all the NoBlo party kids leave their SUV tanks at home when they come down?

Zachariah: Those suburbanites from the NoBlo vote wrong in every election.
by yildo July 06, 2012
Brupper is a meal combing breakfast and supper eaten in the middle of the night. The word is derived on the same principle as brunch, which is a meal in-between breakfast and lunch.

Traditionally, brupper includes gin and nachos, but may extend to party leftovers, crackers with cheese, or even just a bottle of vodka chilled in the freezer. Folk wisdom suggests that the combination of cheese and alcohol is an effective soporific.
Jane was having difficulty sleeping, so she got out bed and had some gin and cheese for brupper.
by Yildo December 02, 2011
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