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A place where people are doing things for LULZ.
From a "Mormon chat" website:

Jeff: I am rather busy.
Me: busy doing what?
Jeff: Talking to people :)
Jeff: And trying to find an article.
Me: what article?
Me: god is an alien right? the pope said that today
Jeff: He did?
Me: yes
Me: he told everyone that we came from uranus
Jeff: Seriously?
Me: yes
Me: do you behold the power of LULZ?
Jeff: LULZ?
Me: yes
Me: there is a new church. the church of LULZ
Me: people are doing things for LULZ
by YeurMauther October 20, 2010
A word to describe one who speaks very homosexually
Natalie: I sure could go for some dick in the ass right now
Paul: You're such a fagmouth
by YeurMauther October 13, 2010
While often referred to as the type of sock horny men ejaculate into and do stupid things with afterwards (See other Tubesock related articles), it can also be used to insult your fellow man, or woman, by calling them that which is often jizzed into. See example...
Natalie: I feel so good today.
Nex: You're a Tubesock!
Natalie: Go die, fagmouth
by YeurMauther October 24, 2010

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