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to wipe ones juice cap across the top lip of the person who has just brought one to climax through oral sex, leavin a cumtash of execess semen.can be mistaken for a slug/snail trail.
haha.. im serious bruv, i bolted in her mouth and she did well to swallow , but i still could not resesit on givin her a good thick cumtash.. i laughed , she did not. we are no longer are together.. bitch
by Yesticles the crab fisherman September 09, 2006
a type of man generally found near playgrounds and school gates. More rarely noticed lurking in the shadows near Mr Whippy ice cream vans. Particularly dangerous to young girls and boys of a certain age who still wear above the knee shorts.
....'Police today arrested a man in a mac near the county primary school. He was found to be in possesion of two bags of haribo star mix, a thomas the tank engine annual and a tub of KY jelly. A spokesman warned angry mothers and Daily Mail readers not to storm the police station and lynch him.'
by Yesticles the crab fisherman September 09, 2006
purple in colour and situated at the tip of a penis, fills with blood when aroused and commonly follows with a gush of love juice into a womans orifice, letterboxes, and centre pages of laminated wank mags and caravan monthly.if kept unclean they can start to smell of cheese or dead mans socks
..its been weeks since i split with julie and i aint had sex since, im getting boners at the sight of any girl and soon my juice cap is goin to explode..!
by Yesticles the crab fisherman September 09, 2006

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