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In theory, a killer but not a serial killer. Gein was heavily influenced by the memory of his religiously fanatical and controlling mother. Whilst rumoured, Gein wasnt a cannibal nor did he ever use the bodies for sexual gratification claiming "They smelt to bad". Gein killed the 2 women (both middle-aged women with similarities to his mother or in the case of his first victim, the barowner, an opposite "dirty" version) and pillaged the graves around his hometown Plainfield in order to create the bodysuit, a tapestry of different womens skin (including a vagina) that he wore round his home and the surronding area.
Gein underwent many physcological examinations after his incarceration and it is still highly argued whether he was criminally insane (which he was found to be by the doctors). Some see Gein as a cunning, tactful fox of a man who carefully hides himself behind his lopsided grin, whilst others (throughout his life, the citizens of Plainfield) percieved Gein as a sort of village idiot.
His motive for killing could also be argued however one could guess, through just seeing his house (his living area an absolute squalor including a sink filled with sand, or the areas which he boarded up and isolated from the rest of the house - these where his mothers living area, kept immaculately clean) that Gein dug up the bodies and such and crafted the women suit for 2 main reasons:
1) To gratify and immortalize his mother, in a gesture of showing and tangibly seeing how much he loved her, and having her be with him instead of the terrible disheartining isolation he endured.
2) To get back at her, in a vegenful sense, for all the trauma and suffering she put him through with his developing years. In a "Take-this-you-bitch" sort of way.
"Silence of the Lambs" - 'Buffalo Bills' skinsuit.
"Physco" - The controlling, insane, motherlike figure dominating her son.
"Texas Chainsaw Massacre" - Perhaps the most influenced by Ed Gein. The squalor in which the family leaves whilst some areas remain immaculately clean (The grandparents room with the little preserved doggy). Furniture like Gein who fashioned soup bowls out of skull caps, chairs out of skin, drums out of skin, a drawshade made of human lips. And of course, Leatherfaces mask bearing striking resemblance to Geins own 9-12 masks he had in the pileup of rubbish.
by Yes Man! July 07, 2006

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