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Slang term for the drug Midazolam, a potent, fast acting benzodiazepine used for acute pain relief, before medical procedures, and in some cases terminal sedation in cancer patients. The term Rusty Jane comes from the drug's ability to sometimes cause mild inter-ocular bleeding, causing the patient to see everything in a pink or red hue.
The doctor gave me some Rusty Jane before surgery. Trust your pain to Rusty Jane.
by YerluvinunclePaul December 21, 2010
Someone who embarasses (themselves and) their country with rude, stupid, or inappropriate behaviour, particularly in the news or when travelling abroad. Can also refer to someone who is zealously patriotic; often a politician or sports reporter.
Do you ever notice that the flagwarts always get tickets in the first three rows at the olympics?

Only a flagwart would wear a USA jersey to a Brazil/Argentina soccer match.

Did you see that flagwart on CNN? He's so wrapped in the flag, it almost strangled him.
by YerluvinunclePaul September 21, 2010

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