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1 definition by YerMumma

A mom who tries to be famous by riding on the coattails of her actress/singer daughter. First used to describe LiLo's mother, Dina. Also known as O Squared.
1. Get your daughter a career with Disney.

2. Fuck up that Disney career by having her party excessively and drink underage.

3. When in doubt, always opt for implants!

4. Disney has fired her and her cokewhore antics, so try to get her some other movie roles before her career dies.

5. She may have been in rehab three times this year, but never lose hope.

6. Give up when she comes out of the closet.

7. Get her little sister a reality show on E.

8. Repeat.

You are now an Orange Oprah!
by YerMumma August 29, 2008