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Camel toe. When a woman has her pants so tight you can literaly read her pussy lips. Only in the front and only for women. see grape smuggler to see the male definition
Your wife has so much cooter cleavage that it starts at her knee caps and goes strait to her nipples.
by yer mom March 28, 2003
Although at one point, a supposed "skater" shoe, people now just wear etnies because they're comfortable. Real skaters hate them - and who can blame them? It made it look like you could buy something they base they're lives on in a store! But they aren't considered skater shoes anymore, as a lot of people where them because A) they're comfortable, or B) last a long time. Of course, there's still posers who think they are *super* *hardcore* skater for buying (which they aren't), but it doesn't seem to make a difference anymore.
In my small-ass mountain town, everyone wore shoes like Etnies or Vans- and none of us even knew they were condsidered skate shoes (we wore them for comfort, and that they survived for years).
by Yer Mom March 28, 2005
The origin of this word is that it is something you would say of a girl with a nice body, but an ugly face:
"Dude, everything's hot BUT HER FACE" ie she becomes a "butterface."

Bonus: if you say it about a girl, she thinks it sounds sweet!
"That chick was a butherface. I'd do her if I could paper bag her."
by yer mom November 25, 2003
Man or Boy who plays with his balls a lot. Or could also be just playing with some part of the anatomy way too much.
Paul Rubins is a diggler.
Matt is a butt diggler.
by yer mom March 28, 2003
basically the worst teacher ever. seriously. she is such a bitch and everyone hates her, including other teachers. she is such an ass, she can be her own insult.
god that girl is such a xtine altizer
by yer mom April 01, 2005
by far the most annoying virus.
Because of it's mass amount of Pop ups, my computer led to self combustion.
by yer mom March 13, 2005
A little piece of pizzazz given to anything by making a little improvement or modification that goes a long way.
That title intro is a lot cooler with all those little blinglets.
by yer mom July 16, 2003

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