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George W. Bush B43

Son of Barbara, a pretentious, arrogant, prep school prima donna PRIG; a stuttering, strutting, fly-by-night, profligate dime-store dandy candy snorting COKE HEAD; a business busting, pocket stuffing, incompetent, opportunist drunk turned show-time tin badge toting tough guy STOOGE; a careless, duty dodging, pseudo-faith based, lazy thinking, willfully ignorant red-neck GOMER; a compassionate hypocrite, a conservative fraud; an election tampering, constitution ignoring, back room pay-off practicing MANIPULATOR; a dyslexic, undisclosed location seeking, bomb-shelter diving scene stealing self-promoting GUMP; a daddy’s boy tail-coat riding half-breed aristocrat BOZO a parasitic socialite fop and putz TOPPER possessed of a ‘trust me because other wise you're against me and you know I'll go get someone to git even with ya’ attitude, SPAGHETTI WESTERNER; a bloody handed, budget surplus vaporizing administrative GREENHORN; a chicken hawk, sabre rattling SNAKE internationally recognized as a dangerously embarrassing diplomatic DOLT whose national political image largely stems from his willingness to be for 156 mostly ethnic men in Texas their KILLER when the civilized world forbids execution. A man shown as what he is when compared to American Heroes of his age group such as John Francis Kerry.
du b du b du, du da, da doh doh dum.
George W. Bush b43bush 43
by Yeoman February 20, 2004

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