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finally getting up after a battle with the snooze button
Okay, okay, I'm up! Jeez! Alarmistice already.
by Yeobright March 24, 2011
where the U.S. government hides all its dirty laundry
Q: Anyone seen Brad lately?

A: Nah, they've got him in the Supremacy Closet.
by Yeobright March 24, 2011
friends touching friends in friendly places
The touch, the feel of drunk friends, the frondle of our lives.
by Yeobright February 21, 2011
understanding yourself better through your relationships with others
No one should face a coexistential crisis alone.
by Yeobright March 24, 2011
a coffee addict's daily intake
Maybe Barry Bonds just drank Starbuckets.
by Yeobright March 24, 2011
striking boredom in the hearts of innocent civilians
Whoever invited the nuns to this party is guilty of squarorism.
by Yeobright March 24, 2011
the quick, inexpensive way to get rid of that troublesome little hunger
Q: "Holy shit, Brad! What are we gonna do?"
A: "Listen, don't tell anyone. I'll just go get you a morning-after pizza and this will all just go away."
by Yeobright March 24, 2011

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