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Doing something, and then adding a strange, illogical, and sometimes stupid twist, similar to the way the designers at BMW did when creating the x6
BMW Dude 1: Hey, why don't we make a new SUV?

BMW Dude 2: Ya! But it'll look like a...COUPE! And we'll call it a SAC!!!!

BMW Dude 3: AHH! You're pulling an x6!!!!!!
by YelsniaMcG February 28, 2009
invented by this one girl; when someone is both a bitch and an asshole at the same time, with a little but of slut and whore mixed in
This one girl: You're a bitchhole slutwhore
ME: I'm gonna steal that and put on UrbanDictionary
This one girl: Why do u have to be so bitchhole slutwhore-ish?
by YelsniaMcG February 07, 2009

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