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The act of churning out season after season of an anime with the exact same plot, but with different bad guys, places and powers in order to keep the check's in your sold-out-the-fans, greedy, capitalist mailbooxes.
1.) Dragonball Z syndrome:
DBZ Vegeta Saga
DBZ Namek saga
DBZ Frieza Saga
DBZ Garlic Jr./Trunks/Android saga
DBZ Perfect/Imperfect Cell Saga
DBZ Cell Games Saga
DBZ The Great Saiyaman/World Tournament Saga
DBZ Babide Saga
DBZ Majin Buu/Fusion/Kid Boo Saga

Same plot, different baddies, and fight scenes that span an entire months worth of t.v. watching... Geez.

by YellowJacketGenocide October 16, 2008

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