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Emo dressed up in winter clothes. Mostly fur collared coats and scarfs.
Kid 1: "oh em gee! did you see that emo kid in the winter get up?"
Kid 2: "Yeh hes fully Eski-emo"
Kid 1: *O_o*
by YellowBird April 08, 2008
A total indie chick. Very calm and peaced out. Doesnt really care what others think of her. Very confident in who she is. All she will listen to is indie music. A total melancholic.
Kid 1: "Oh em gee! She really loves her Indie!"
Kid 2: "Yeh shes a total Yellowbird"
Kid 1: *o_O*
by YellowBird April 08, 2008
A guy thought to be extremely wooly. His hair is almost a fro but not quite.
He's a total cutie and looks after the girls.
Thinks highly of his crew and hath named it 'Wooly Crew'
Kid 1: "LOOK! A wooly mammoth!"
Kid 2: "Nope thats just wooly"
by YellowBird April 08, 2008
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