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"Tonight I'm getting all the cuckeroo in this club"

"She said I beat that cuckeroo up"
by Yella_Vessel October 14, 2012
She is a marvelous person in every way and lights up you day with her presence. She is ambitious, kind, beautiful, and utterly amazing. She is her own person and does her own thing. She is a special lady and once she has a hold of your heart she will never let you go, not that you would want her too.
Portrice is amazing, and I want to spend the rest of my life with her and after that as well.
by Yella_Vessel June 26, 2013
Promiscuous and easily obtainable pussy
"She gave everybody pweme"

"Bitch nobody want that nasty pweme, everybody has had it."
"I got that pweme so easily, I barely had to say, "Hey." to her"
by Yella_Vessel October 19, 2012

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