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Friggin' awesome band. Some of the world's more moronic people may say that The Strokes don't have any super fabulouso insane solos or anything like that. To them I say this: who the hell cares? The Strokes are way cooler than most of us will ever be. I know they're cooler than I'll ever be, anyway.
The Strokes are my drug of choice.
by Yeeaaaaah May 17, 2005
Fancy-ass sports car-type vehicle. Seen driving everywhere, excessively fast, usually with loud and very bad rap or rock music blaring.

These cars are often older models, driven by young men (ages 16-30, usually).
(a white sports car with obscenely large spoiler and 50 cent's "Candy Shop" blaring drives past)

Person #1: Wow, that guy must have the smallest penis in the world.

Person #2: Yes, in fact it may even be a woman who thinks they are a man.
by Yeeaaaaah May 31, 2005
The 7th note in the scale, solfege style.
do re me fa so la TI do.
by Yeeaaaaah May 21, 2005

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