3 definitions by Yeahimcoollikethat

A Youtube Celebrity. The greatest nerdy hotchick with freckles and Adhd style videos on youtube. Geeks practically masturbate to her.. yes including me. Her actual name is Tessa.
Doode, Meekakitty totally gave me a boner when she went crazy over Zelda
by Yeahimcoollikethat November 08, 2010
Someone who keeps forgetting that he is acting like he's a vegan..
The Forgetful Vegan......
"Man that sure was good pepperoni piz... Ahhh FUCK!
- Zach Galifianakis
by Yeahimcoollikethat November 08, 2010
A word used when describing something that is incredibly amazing. Especially when something is amazing or fantastic as well as a magical moment.
Most likely invented by a Adhd girl from SoCal :D
Dude... that day was.. FANTASMAGICAL!!!!!
by Yeahimcoollikethat November 08, 2010

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