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3 definitions by YeMaj 44

(1.) (v)-To kill someone
(2.) (n)-To get killed or murdered
(3.) (v)-To drown someone violently
1-Lets merk that punk!
2-Aha he got merked man....
3-Lets merk billy in the pond!
by YeMaj 44 May 30, 2008
This word can be used many ways.(shoot blanks)
1. If a male cannot masterbate yet...or joff
2. (As a verb) Shooting blanks
1. Ben: Man I still shoot blanks
Anthony: Haha I can joff
by YeMaj 44 May 30, 2008
To stab a girl's crotch violently with your penis.
It must go all the way into the crotch for it to be a "chipmunk"
Todd: "Dude, I chipmunked Vanessa last night!"
Ian: "Big f*****g deal, I chipmunked YO MOMMA 2 MIN AGO!
by YeMaj 44 May 30, 2008