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3 definitions by Ye Pugh

Ye Witch's catchphrase.
Ye Witch:"WOOBLY!"
by Ye Pugh June 14, 2004
5 23
To prod with a stick,i.e. norping stick.
Norper-Someone who norps.
Norped-To have been prodded with a norping stick.
Mike Philpott-A norper.
I am going to norp you.
Stop it you norper.
Oh no! I have been norped.
Mike Philpott is a norper.
by Ye Pugh June 14, 2004
19 90
Onomatopoeia, meaning to sound like "Gleep."
"Gleep! Gleep, Gleep, Gleep!"
by Ye Pugh March 07, 2005
14 176