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1 definition by YbumbleB

An ultra-capable everything word. Not always derogatory. An excellent word for awkward conversations. The perfect oratory tool when your objective is to alienate joke outsiders. Slightly confusing if your name is, in fact, Schoof.
Imma get my schoof on.

Gook page notes need to get the schoof outta their pants.

Get your schoof out of me.

Kevin: You're fucking stupid.
Davin: You're STUPID!
Kevin: If I wanted my comeback, I would have schoofed it off your mother's face.

Get that look of your schoofing face.

Tea-tea-teach me how to schoof, tea-tea-teach me how to schoof.

Why the schoof are we still here?

Oh shit, schoof figured it out...
by YbumbleB May 11, 2011