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A religious person or persons that can easily be mistaken for juice when said out loud.
Person one: Would you like some juice?
Person two: Jews!?
Person one: No, no! Juice!
Person two: Oh, thank god. You had me worried there.
by Yazamin November 26, 2009
Usually describes people who like to have things all to themselves. Those people can also be called selfish. Greedy is sometimes used as a stereotype for Jews.
Nick: I want all the money in the world!
Jack: Dude, thats really greedy. No wonder you're Jewish.
Nick: That's a stereotype.
Jack: Apparently it's a GOOD stereotype.
by Yazamin November 26, 2009
What happens when something (a cat, dog, or otherwise) steps/walks across the keyboard causing a jumble of letters usually without understandable words. Usually after this comes a reason for why it happened.
Typer One: "Hey so whats up?"
Typer Two: "Not much, you?"
Typer One: "Oh im doing findewfvguik,;p"
Typer Two: "What?"
Typer One: "Sorry my cat walked across the keyboard."
Typer Two: "Oh, okay...I was really confused..."
Typer One: "There shoudnt be any confusion, you know my cat does that..."
by Yazamin December 31, 2009

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