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People say and spell her name in many different ways, but all the derivatives have traditionally meant "follower of Christ."
Man: Who is Kristen?
Woman: She spells it Kristin but the Germans say Kristine because that's how they pronounce their "i"
Man: Is that why I can't find her in the database?
Woman: You can find her name in the database but she will physically be someplace else.
Man: You women are so literal.
Woman: Well that's why her name is Kristin.
by YaYa May 28, 2013
One who is violently kicked in the head during a soccer match, therefore receiving a concussion.
Mary Jane was socussed after only playing ten minutes in the match! They had to rush her to the hospital because she was socussed.
by YAYA November 25, 2012
Yaya is a word from the extinct Mohabi language. It means, waterfall.
Niagra Falls is a type of yaya.
by yaya January 27, 2004
bomb ass weed. point blank, period.
"whatchu been up to, son?" "shit, man. i been shoving HEAVY onions." "oh yeah? spark it up."
by Yaya February 26, 2012
Ce dit d'un criss de cour platte donné par un professeur endormant sur de la matiere pas utile.
Cegep FXG , 28 aout 2003 9h am
by yaya August 28, 2003

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