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What y'all little teenybopper ass bitches strive to be! You should know that a silva dolla makes her money by niggas, the pussy cost. Yo asses probably think you got to get a job! Silva Dollas don't work, we hustle. These niggas want it, It costs them as much as that Louis V. clutchbag or Tiffany Box.Y'all Bitches need to get it right!Don't think because it sounds good that it's you. Unless you willin to live like it. If that's the case then holla at cha gurl...if not shut the fuck up. Real game was spit! Holla!
"Y'all shiny pennies kneel and kiss the Tiffany ring and shine my Manolo mary janes! Bet chu ain't seen these before. Silva Dolla style fo ya! It'Z nuthin! 100'd!
by Yay Area's Finest January 04, 2004
ManolO................Stupid. Brilliant Italian Designer made famous in the 60s and 70s. Now has been recognized again for the Timbaland inspired boots and cute ,sassy,classy,traditional Mary Janes.
Damn, those Chelsea stilettos are so cute. Are those Manolo?
by Yay Area's Finest January 04, 2004
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