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A dirty male who will fuck anything in his path with a heart beat. Tends to look for the dirtiest broad for the simple fact of her being the easiest to take down.
Hey peebles, why dont you hit that fat bitch you dirty fuck pig
by Yates June 14, 2006
1) Preparing to do herion
2) Brentwood p.a. passtime
3) Yea we all do it
He its beat up in this shit lets hit the cut and do some wood clap
by Yates January 15, 2004
The time in the cartoons when it 's all quiet and you hear a cricket in the backround so all you have to do is say "Cricketness" when theres that okward silence
(everything gets all quiet) "Cricketness" (everyone laughs) (maybe)
by Yates January 15, 2004

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