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In London this means to blaze (smoke weed)
I was bunnin at my bredrins yard
by yasmin September 12, 2003
to listen to or play music to such an extent that the mind begins to lose consiousness and a new, more insane alter ego takes control
Dude, he's rocking out!
by yasmin August 03, 2003
a girl
check dat yattie over der blood
by yasmin September 12, 2003
JJC means an african that has just arrived in a country like England
he's a johnny just come
by yasmin September 12, 2003
same deffinition as distracted
ooops sorry i didnt hear you because i got subtracted
by yasmin December 11, 2004
a lover who is far beond your every imaginable reach
You is my shmook-ee-poo!
by Yasmin March 28, 2003
Food from snaggle rock
When I got home from school I had the craving for a smaggle-snack
by Yasmin March 28, 2003
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