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3 definitions by Yaron

Means something very good; awesome; "the best".
Originally - from the French word 'jongleur' (juggler).
This new console game is jongler!
This is a jongler idea!
by Yaron March 22, 2005
15 1
a phrase came originally from hebrew, defines great, cool.
invented by oded avramzon a.k.a "barvazone".
dude: how was the party at the "homan 17"?

dude: man it was "lapanim dod shelo"!!!
by yaron March 19, 2005
2 0
TT is one of the identified virii which are hepatotrophic, ie attack the liver.

it does not cause disease, and is not related to hepatitis, similar to hep G virus.
"wow that slut is totally icteric, i bet she fucked so much she got hepatitis TT."

"no foo, hep TT doesnt cause disease, homo"
by Yaron March 10, 2005
4 25