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Means something very good; awesome; "the best".
Originally - from the French word 'jongleur' (juggler).
This new console game is jongler!
This is a jongler idea!
by Yaron March 22, 2005
a phrase came originally from hebrew, defines great, cool.
invented by oded avramzon a.k.a "barvazone".
dude: how was the party at the "homan 17"?

dude: man it was "lapanim dod shelo"!!!
by yaron March 19, 2005
TT is one of the identified virii which are hepatotrophic, ie attack the liver.

it does not cause disease, and is not related to hepatitis, similar to hep G virus.
"wow that slut is totally icteric, i bet she fucked so much she got hepatitis TT."

"no foo, hep TT doesnt cause disease, homo"
by Yaron March 10, 2005

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