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Jammin (v.):

1. Continuing to have sex after coming.
2. Having sex despite also having a less-than-hard on.
"I'm pretty sure she has delayed orgasm, because I lasted almost an hour and still came before her, so I just kept jammin for another 20 minutes."

A: "I know for a fact that that 83 year old guy has ED, and yet he continues his porn career without the aid of Viagra or Cialis. How does he do it?"

B: "Dude, he jams those teens like crazy"
by Yar! A pirate! October 23, 2010
(noun) The boyfriend of a gay person.
Paul is gay and I can't change that, but I really wish he wouldn't bring his stupid goyfriend around here so often. That gay- (sorry) guy is just plain annoying.
by yar! A pirate! November 15, 2010

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