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9 definitions by Yar! A pirate!

ALA is an acronym for "Actually Laughing Audibly." Many believe it carries the same meaning as "lol." Had ALA been used pre-2003, this would have been true. However, due to the commonplace over-usage of "lol" (use when there is no laughter out-loud), the need for an acronym referring to audible laughter has arisen. Hence, ALA. Use of ALA when one is not, in fact, actually laughing audibly, will result in a german shepherd attack.
(In a FB chat conversation)

A: Well man, just keep jammin' her until it falls off.
B (who is laughing his freakin' balls off): ALA!!!
by Yar! A pirate! October 23, 2010
(noun) The boyfriend of a gay person.
Paul is gay and I can't change that, but I really wish he wouldn't bring his stupid goyfriend around here so often. That gay- (sorry) guy is just plain annoying.
by yar! A pirate! November 15, 2010