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5 definitions by Yapplebee

A pair of glasses that look like those worn by Ira Glass, host of This American Life, characterized by prominent black frames. A favorite of the literati and intellectuals since the 1960s.
The 3D glasses that are being given out by Real D at Beowulf screenings look like oversized ira glasses (actually, like ira sun-glasses).
by Yapplebee November 05, 2007
32 3
A cathartic therapy-like session which consists of friends talking out their issues whilst playing the addictive internet helicopter-crashing game (, ideally at two adjacent computers.
Whenever I start to feel really bummed, I know it's time for some theracopter with my buddy, James.
by Yapplebee November 05, 2007
2 0
A word describing a lasciviously flirtatious person.
Johnny is totally flirtaisch at the office considering that everybody knows that he's married.
by Yapplebee October 24, 2008
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To simultaneously celebrate and berate something, often in a cynical or conflicted manner.
I can't help but celeberate Jenna's outfit-- I admire her attempt to successfully mix plaid and floral, but she took it too far with the leopard print leggings.
by Yapplebee April 08, 2008
0 1
To simultaneously celebrate and berate something.
On Fourth of July we can celeberate the USA.

by Yapplebee April 05, 2008
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