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A computer/video game nerd's meaning of existence. Often included with other vital functions including eating, drinking water. breathing, using the restrrom, and sleeping (often until 2Pm or later due to staying up all night). A gamer will often choose Wow over anything else in the world.
Jane: I really think we should have sex tonight, Greg. I'm getting the urge. (starts hugging and caressing partner)

Greg: Lay off. can't you see I;m in the middle of a dungeon raid here? I need to finish my WOW marathon, here.


Mother to son: Nick! Grandma is passed out on the floor! She's not breathing! I think you need to call 911!

Nick: Can't you see I'm busy here on WOW? I need to levvel up my paladin first!
by YankeeFanatic222 July 25, 2011
(n.) The state of being simultaneously drunk and high.
Lora: Oh my god, I can't believe I lost my virginity to that douche last night.

Friend: Were you drunk?

Lora: Nope, I was CRUNK!
by YankeeFanatic222 July 26, 2011

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