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When you find a group of people (usually a race or nationality) attractive whom you would not normally due to the fact that they're the only show in town. Occurs primarily when you visit another continent, country, or perhaps neighborhood.
Ziad, who usually is not attracted to asians, suffered from prison syndrome during a trip to Hong Kong. He found himself unable control himself after ten days of seeing only chinky eyes and yellow skin.
by Yankee920 July 14, 2008
A song (usually pop) that is so terrible, but catchy, that when it comes on the radio on a hot day, you have to roll up your windows so that nobody can hear you listening to it.
Rehana's Umbrella is such an AC song. It's so catchy, but I get strange looks when people see me singing to it from my car!
by Yankee920 July 17, 2008

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