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adjective describing parrots when they have stretched their neck long due to curiosity or fear.
The cockatoo went birdaffe. See the cockatoo go birdaffe. Go birdaffe cockatoo, go birdaffe!
by Yamum March 14, 2004
The opposite of "punctual" when "MUM" (see "Stunmum") is drunk.
Megan: "What's the opposite of punctual??"
MUM: "Dispunctional"
by Yamum March 14, 2004
Word used to describe number of photographs in which "MUM" appears shocked, surprised, ugly or all of the above.
"That's another stunmum photo!"
by Yamum March 14, 2004
A psudeo-punking little pop darling who has expanded the minds - and anal rings - of his many male followers. A dirty rock god AND love god to the max. Also, gets his balls waxed on oxford street.
"why be snel?"
"snel violated me"
also, variation
"snelatle herpes" - refer 'samidia'
by yamum February 03, 2005
the REAL spelling of the words YOUR MOTHER!
Steven: "Your mum's your uncle!!"

Glean: "YAMUM!"
by Yamum March 14, 2004
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