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Shorthand for giving something a five-star rating, usually typed through chatrooms.
Person 1: hey check out my new ytmnd, man.
Person 2: Awesomeness. Totally 5*d.
Person 1: thanks dude. :)
by Yams August 29, 2007
Arguably the most exciting part of watching professional racing.
"Yeah, so we were watching the Grand Prix yesterday when something amazing happened. You'll never guess. They made a left turn! Oh my god, that was exhilarating!"
by Yams June 07, 2009
"Do a damn Google search". Typically used online when someone asks an idiotic question that they could easily answer for him or herself, simply by searching it. Its capitalization varies.
sam2478: hey steve where do babys come from
stevinator: ...
stevinator: dadgs
sam2478: D:
(stevinator has signed off)
by Yams June 20, 2008
More "leet" spelling for combo breaker. Used on message boards when a long line of similar posts is broken up.
Usually in all caps, and bolded.
Poster 1: lol pie
Poster 2: lol pie
Poster 1: lol pie
Poster 2: lol pie
by Yams October 22, 2006
Short for Windows 7, the shockingly original name given to Microsoft's latest operating system.
"So man, are you planning to get W7 when it comes out?"
"Wait, Windows 7...? I don't even have Vista yet!"
by Yams October 28, 2008
The main factor in how close people are willing to stand next to you in any given situation.
What is John missing that Gene has? Besides rich parents? That's right - hygiene!
by Yams February 17, 2010
"Maybe" spelt how it is sometimes pronounced.
Guy #57: Hey did you just steal my sandwich?
Guy #42: *Munch munch* Um...I dunno...mehbeh?
by Yams September 27, 2006

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