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1 definition by Yames420

This is What I've Heard Syrup Is...
1. Put As Many and As Many Different Colored/Flavored Jollyranchers in a blender and shred to a fine powder. (Different colors deduces the mixture "rainbow colors."
2. Get Smirnoff Apple Twist Vodka to mix with the jolly ranchers.
3. Throw In 4or5 or however many Benedryl pills in the mixture. (the codeine containing benedryl)
-Once All Combined, The Drink Becomes a thick, "syrupy" consistency. Thus: syrup.
I got them rainbow colors in my cup, in my cup,
Jollyranchers man that shit be good as fuck, good as fuck
That's that syrup motherfucker that's that syrup. /Three6 & Lil Flip - Rainbow Colors/
Also Listen To /Three6 - Sippin on some Syrup/
by Yames420 June 10, 2005
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