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A single person making a racist, a sexist, and a homophobic comment within the same minute.
Hey, discrimination hat trick! Sometimes you really overdo it with that political incorrectness, you know.
by Yamato Damashi January 14, 2013
To make a choice or complete a sub-task that finishes the job at hand, particularly in gaming quests, but also in real life.
A: Phew, I've found the exit. Now I only need to walk over to it.
B: Turn to four hundred, I suppose.
by Yamato Damashi December 02, 2012
(Gaming term) An item that is vital for a quest or weapon upgrade, which is actually common in some areas or after a certain level has been reached. Used by developers to prevent the quest or weapon upgrade being completed before an area is unlocked or the characters level up.

Traditionally, hercudromes are some variety of insect, although plants have also been known to fill the role.
Hmm... what else do I need... Ice cabbages? But I haven't been to anywhere icy yet! Damn, I should have known that there would be a hercudrome...
by Yamato Damashi November 16, 2012
A particularly vindictive aikido technique that leaves planty of room for the tori to torture the uke. Hence, a verbal comeback that one keeps rubbing in and does not let the victim forget.
1. Seiza, today we are doing kotegaeshi.

2. I shouldn't have said that... He was ready for it, and it's becoming a real kotegaeshi.
by Yamato Damashi July 28, 2012

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