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A planned assassination, targeting the emo population, and scheduled to happen within the next 2 years. The troop behind Operation Emolocaust are none other than the notorious CARECase Units, who call #wowps their home. Flyers and invitations will be handed out 1 month prior to the Emolocaust, so book your seats for the show while you can, as MANY people would love to see all those sad, hyper-sensitive emos get the fucking shit blown out of them.
"I can't wait 'till the Emolocaust!!!"
by Yamachi September 24, 2007
The one and only Fanatik, an odd and elusive being responsible for advancing the WoW emulation community into TBC. Trademark quote: "The care just isn't there" OR "The care ain't thar"
Fanatik pwnz0rs joo, nubsicles.
by Yamachi June 02, 2007

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