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Milford is a sucky little town in MASSACHUSETTS. There are also Milfords in many other states. But MIlford, MA is the best. We have a LOWES and 2 {DOLLAR STORES]

1a. We have a FRIENDLYS and a KFC
1b.They are right next door to eachother
1c.The KFC has a Pizza Hut inside....

2.We have almost 10 "Oriental" Resturants

3.We have 4 Dunkin Donuts, and 2 are on basically the same street
3b.One of those Dunkin Donus has a Baskin Robbins!

4.We have, like maybe 6 hotels..I think....

5. We have 2 MCDONALDS, but ONly 1 Burger King and Wendys....

6.We have a ghetto and a drugie part of town.

7.We have 2 music stores (The Music Nook and music house)

8.We have 3 grocery stores....

9.We have 2 Dollar Stores!!!

10.You can run around like a complete moron and NOBODY cares.

11. Only in Milford you can fall off something, get hurt, and nobody outside on your street cares (LOL...TRUE STORY)

12. We have 2 Papa Ginos and Blockbusters.

13. We have a Blockbuster right across the street from another Video-Rental PLace


15.Only here, in Milford, You can be a hardcore fan of a band, and still be called a POSEUR FAN-GIRL!(True Story...Everyone hates me here x.x)

16.Everyone in Milford Hates EMO, except for the awesome people that respect other differences...

17.You can be one of the only people that loves a band for months, then as soon as they show up on MTV, every idiot in Milford becomes a fan....(Thats what happened to MCR, The USed, and FOB....)

18. We have a psychic!! OMG thats so cool

19. We have three car dealer shippy thingies but i dont know a single person looking for a car

20. we have the only IRISH round tower in north america so GO US AND GO IRISH STUFF

21. we have two travel agencies but theyre both portuguese so sucks for us normal people

22. even though taco bell closed about 4 years ago, the building, sign, and everything is still there and no ones bought it yet
22b.The taco bell order sign has "Who's George" or something like that written on it!


24. all our fields are covered in goose poop

25. our town name is initialed as MILF

26. We have a CVS right across the street from a Brooks.. duh?

27. we have like 23 packies

28. the milford daily news cant spell for crap

29. when youre special and you die, we name a bridge or a sidewalk after you. i.e. the elia p. fontecchio overpass..
by my house =)

30. i really wonder how they came up with the name of Tank Field.. maybe some really smart guy came by and was like "HEY! THERES A TANK RIGHT NEXT TO IT!" oh wow.. be more creative, will ya milford!?

31.We have 3 or 4 cemetaries.
31b.One has a "entrance" that says "Ressurection".

32.We dont have a town dump...but we have a recycling plant(down near Wendy's)

33. WE HAVE A LOWES!!!!!!!(That place is fxxcking awesome!!!!)

34. We have 2 TOWN CHANNELS (8+11)

35.We have people that think they are better then everybody else cause their family has been here since the town was founded(My family was...but I dont fxxcking act like I'm better then everybody else...)
by Yam! August 10, 2005

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